Meier’s bridge

The new Cittadella bridge, designed by architect Richard Meier, is a bridge with a single span of 1767,121 meters composed by three main elements: arch, pedestrian platform and road platform. The two platforms are separated. These elements are curved around a central hollow space with an “almond shape” and interconnected through beams and steel cables forming the structural model. The 30-metre-high arch, approximately located along the central axis of the bridge, is the main load absorbing element and is tilted towards the pedestrian platform. The bridge separates vehicle traffic from pedestrian traffic. The roadway consists of three lanes and is 10.50 metres wide. The pedestrian platform follows the axis of the previous bridge, has a width that goes from 13 to 7 meters and is made with a wooden flooring. The central empty space, interconnected through cables and supports, is the main torsional element that bears the rotational effects caused by unbalanced platform loads. The frame is entirely made of steel.

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